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Two simple rules for the Mass

Do we kill Jesus over and over again, in the Mass?

What to expect your first time in a Catholic Church

What to expect your first time in a Catholic Church
So, you’ve been reading Catholic365 and Mike Bugal has convinced you of the errors in Protestant theology. While Elizabeth Giddens Valverde has convinced you that Protestant arguments against the Catholic Church are false. So, you want to give the Catholic Church a chance, but… 
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The Mass, St. John chapter 6 and the test of faith

When I first started learning Catholic apologetics, between 15 and 20 years ago, I ran across an article on the web that spoke of the Test of Faith. I can’t find it anymore, but for many years, it was one of my favorite bookmarks. Several pc’s have died on me in that time and I lost the link. Anyway, the article was about the Bread of Life discourse in chapter 6 of St. John’s Gospel. 
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Why is it called “the Mass”?

I found this answer on the Internet: The word “Mass” derives from the Latin phrase said during the dismissal (when the Mass is said in Latin), “Ite, missa est,” which is usually translated “Go, it is sent.” In the Eastern Catholic churches, as in the Eastern Orthodox churches, the service ordinarily is called the divine liturgy.
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Two articles at Catholic365

Where is the Mass in the Bible?
As usual, the word “mass” is not in the Bible. This is starting to get monotonous, right? Why aren’t any Catholic Doctrines named in the Bible? 
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The Apostles v Protestant theology
In the comments of the “Five facts….” thread, a Protestant is challenging the idea that the Apostles were Catholic. So, he wants to compare Apostolic Teaching to Catholic Teaching. 
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