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I voted Gary Johnson for President!

Still undecided... or know someone who is?

Still undecided… or know someone who is?
I don’t know how anyone could vote for Hillary or Trump.  I voted the pro-life ticket, but I voted for Gary Johnson for President.  At least he will reduce funding for Planned Parenthood.
Should Planned Parenthood Receive Federal Funding?
“Look, they [Republicans] want to spend more money on military but they want to cut it from social programs, from healthcare. Look, it’s got to be a balanced approach when it comes to government spending with regard to everything. Am I opposed, I’m opposed to cutting the funding, or eliminating funding, to Planned Parenthood. Look, but Planned Parenthood has to take cuts just along with everybody else or we’re going to find ourselves in a really perilous situation.”
Source: Larry King, “Libertarian Presidential Hopeful Gary Johnson on Libertarian-at-Heart Voters,” youtube.com, Feb. 18, 2016

Throw away vote? I won’t bear the responsibility for your error if you vote for Hillary/Trump.

Some people are trying to play with our minds and force us to vote for the candidate they prefer.  I ain’t doin’ it.

I just came back from voting. I voted the Pro-life ticket. But I inserted Gary Johnson/Bill Weld at the top.
I think Gary Johnson will refuse to fund Planned Parenthood at a federal level. And he will reduce government.
Yeah, I’ve heard the “throw away vote” objection. I don’t believe it. If this were a strict 2-party system, with no other candidates, you might throw away your vote by not voting. But it isn’t.
In the American system, if you vote for Hillary or Trump, you bear the blame if they are elected. I voted to elect Johnson/Weld. I’ll accept responsibility when they are elected. But I won’t bear the responsibility for your error if you vote for Hillary/Trump.
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