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Patheos: Hosting The Conversation on Faith
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What’s New This Week, Including Two New Bloggers
The Cordial Catholic
How I Got Here From Evangelical to Catholic
by Albert Little
A Protestant becomes a Cordial Catholic. And then, he joins Patheos! Here Albert Little discusses what the early church knew about the real presence.
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism 
Who is Dave Armstrong and Why Should I Read His Stuff?
by Dave Armstrong
So, who is Dave Armstrong and why should you read him? He’s a former Evangelical Protestant who became Catholic in 1991, and joined Patheos this week. He’s a prolific writer, blogger, and researcher. Find out more in his own words here.
Grace Pending
Socialism’s Failures, Capitalism’s Constraints
by Tom Zampino
Tom Zampino looked it up so you don’t have to … what other recent Popes, including John Paul (I), have said about capitalism and socialism.
Denise Bossert
Three Ways God Defines Marriage
by Denise Bossert
Denise Bossert asked God about marriage, and the answer came back simple and clear.
Standing on My Head
Admitting the Divorced and Re-Married to Communion
by Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Dwight Longenecker gets on board with annulment reform.
Good Characters and Good Character
Unequally Yoked 
The Exuberance of Quotidian Goodness
by Leah Libresco
Good characters are only boring if you forget that their antagonists are the whole world and their own hearts.
Catholic Authenticity
What Would Jesus Click?
by Melinda Selmys
If your index finger offends, cut it off! Melinda Selmys explores the less-obvious temptations lurking on the web.
Diary of a Wimpy Catholic
When the Customer Was Wrong
by Max Lindenman
In the grind of day-to-day existence, goodness is achieved just as often in the negative – by not doing, or saying, anything at all; by taking lumps quietly and waiting for the throbbing to ease. Dramatize that appealingly, who dares.