New and Trending Articles • Mar 08, 2016
What does it mean, to believe on Jesus Christ?  A study on John 6:40
By De Maria
Are claims of belief alone enough for salvation? Let’s think about this. Let’s start with an illustration.
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The BEST Questions to Prepare Your Toddlers for Mass
By Melanie R. Cameron
We Mama’s have read endless debates about managing our children’s behavior in Mass and how other people outside our families perceive our children’s behavior in Mass.
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Your relationship with Jesus
By George Calleja
Many people claim that they have a relationship with Jesus. But what does a relationship with Jesus mean? Is your relationship with Jesus resulting in peace with your neighbour? Are you helping the needy and poor and being one with them?
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Battle Prayer for Married Couples
By Greg Schlueter
During Women’s History Month, Whom Better to Celebrate Than the Mother of God?
By Justin McClain
A 24 Hour Adoration: “Behold, the bridegroom! Go forth to meet him!”
By Evelyn Augusto
The Fourth Station of the Cross: A Mercy Reflection
By Bobbie Ann Taylor
This Man
By Victor S E Moubarak
A Need for a Crusade: A Spiritual Crusade
By Sergio Garibay-Olivares

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