Ark of the New Covenant (Rev 11:19-12:1)

I have, in the past, discussed this passage with several of our Reformed brothers and sisters. And they are of the opinion that this verse does not describe the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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  1. Mark T.

    Of course they are not of that opinion, De Maria. Protestants don’t like the idea that Jesus would do something more special for a human being than themselves. They think it idolatrous to have such a love and devotion for our Spiritual Mother and ignore the entire aspect of “family” when it comes to God’s Church.

    That passage IS alluding to several things but to say that it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary is like saying that gasoline has nothing to do with driving a car that has a combustion engine that requires gasoline in order to run. They have to make the idiotic claim of: “Well, it doesn’t SPECIFICALLY SAY it’s Mary.” Yeah! No kidding! And the Bible doesn’t say SPECIFICALLY to give Communion to women or teenagers now does it?

    God Bless you De Maria for defending the Faith

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