II Tim 3:16 and Sola Scriptura

Before I begin, I’d like to thank those who are participating in the comments on the article, “Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church as described in the New Testament”. This subject was brought up in those comments and let me explain something to you, the epistle known as the 2nd Letter of St. Paul to St. Timothy (2 Tim for short), has nothing to do with Sola Scriptura. Read more


  1. Mark T.

    I think the historical evidence in those verses alone, is enough to prove the concept of sola scriptura a failed ideology.

    Timothy died the first Bishop of Ephesus in 97 A.D. He was martyred by the pagans and died when he was in his early 80s. If we simply take 80 years away from 97 A.D., that gives an estimated birth date of 17 A.D. Timothy’s Mother was a convert to Judaism before he was born, and we know that the Jewish culture began teaching their children at an early age. However…

    A boy is considered to be a man upon reaching the age of 20 years according to ancient Jewish customs, so adding 20 years to 17 A.D. gives us an estimated year of 37 A.D. when Timothy reached the age of ‘manhood”. That was only 4 years post Jesus’ Crucifixion and not a single New Testament Gospel, Letter, or Epistle had even been written.

    Thus the ONLY Scripture Paul could be alluding to is the Old Testament and we all know that nearly every Catholic Doctrine or Dogma can be implied explicitly, or implicitly, or alluded to in prophecy. That’s a serious problem for Protestants.

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