Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church and it is described

First off, I want to thank all who participated in the “Does the Bible say that missing the Mass is a mortal sin?” thread.

One of the things which was brought up by one of the Protestants in that thread is this idea that St. Constantine started the Catholic Church. But, is that true? Why do Protestants make this claim?
The short answer, “I don’t know.” The claim is patently false…(Read More).


  1. Mark T.

    Funny thing, because some protestants say it was Pope Bonafice III in 606 A.D., other protestants say it was after the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D, a few protestants say it was post “The Great Schism” of 1084 A.D., and a very few say, that it was St. Ignatius of Antioch because he attempted to usurp the authority of the early Church towards Rome and this is evidenced by him being the first to use the word “Catholic”.

    So, which is it? How can such a simple issue become so misconstrued if history is supposed to be accurate? ANSWER: Because neither one is correct. Jesus Christ established the One, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church.

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