Is Jesus doing a poor job of heading your church?

Next time you talk to a Protestant and infalliblity comes up.  When he begins to complain that no man can be infallible.  Ask him, “Isn’t Jesus the head of your church?”

And when he says, “Yes.”  Then ask him, “Then why is your church fallible?  Is Jesus doing a poor job of heading your church?”

Because, if Jesus is the head of a church, that church is infallible.  But if the church is fallible, then Jesus is not the head of that church.  Jesus is infallible, therefore He leads infallibly.  Or what does it mean to be the head of a church?



    • De Maria

      Awesome! I read that somewhere a couple of weeks ago and it just now creeped into my consciousness. I’ve been using it everywhere that I’ve been the past few days. No responses yet. The logic is insurmountable.


  1. Mark T.

    Give them time…they will come up with some other “circular” reasoning to confuse those who don’t know their Faith. By the way….

    I am seeing quite a few protest-ants trying to get Catholic apologists to debate James White again and it seems like they are really pushing the issue. John Martinonni is getting flack, so was Steve Ray, Devin Rose, and a couple of others. The protest-ants are making it sound as if White is invincible or something. Not from what I’ve seen he isn’t. I think it comes down to the way in which White treats the Catholic apologists during the debates that has so many refusing to debate him.

    Honestly, I think written debates crush the oral debates and that is something the protest-ants don’t want to engage in.

    God Bless

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    • De Maria

      I agree. When you debate in writing, you actually have time to check references and quotes and facts. But when you debate face to face, there’s no time for that. They can make any illogical statement they want and the people eat it up because they can make it tickle their ears.

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