A Prayer Request For Christians In Iraq & Syria


A message from the Diocese of Austin, TX:

In a letter that Bishop Joe S. Vásquez received from Bishop Francis Y. Kalabat, Bishop of St. Thomas Chaldean Diocese in Southfield, Michigan, our diocese has been invited to join St. Thomas Chaldean Diocese in prayer to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for the Christians in Iraq and Syria.  Bishop Kalabat said, “Over the past year, the situation in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria, has been difficult and horrific for Christians.  They have been forced out of their homes and many were martyred for their faith.  I ask and beg of you to please join the Chaldean Church in prayer asking for the grace of God to ease their situation.”

The churches of the Chaldean Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle are praying the Rosary for 33 days during January and early February.  They are asking that our churches join them for the last nine-day Rosary novena in hopes that it will shed hope and light on their brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering exile from the homeland because of their faith.

Please invite the faithful of your parishes to join them in praying the Rosary for nine days, and to recite the following prayer along with the Rosary.

“Mother of God, Virgin Mary, be for us a safeguard from all illnesses and hardships. Through the great love you have for Christ, ask and beseech Him to be merciful to us, to give healing to our ailments, to console the downtrodden, to reunite those who are scattered and to forgive us.”

Although the novena started on January 25 and continues through February 2, we still invite you to join them in solidarity and prayer for the churches of the Chaldean Diocese.  Thank you for considering this important prayer request.

In Christ,

+ Daniel E. Garcia
Vicar General and
Auxiliary Bishop-elect of Austin


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