Mediatrix Rosaries Has Become Benedict’s Beads!

These rosaries are beautiful!

The Slave of the Immaculate

It is with great joy that I wish to announce that Mediatrix Rosaries, the Ladder Rosary business that I used to run, has been replaced by Benedict’s Beads, a Ladder Rosary business from St. Benedict’s Abbey!

Black Benedictine Rosary

Benedict’s Beads offers beautiful Ladder Rosaries, so named because the beads are turned sideways and linked into two chains on each side, making them look like rungs on a ladder.

Benedicts Beads offers these services:

Ladder Rosaries

These rosaries are elegant and strong, made to last.  They are made of quality materials and come with a guarantee that if they break they will be repaired by Benedict’s Beads for free.

Couple's RosaryCouple’s (Wedding) Rosaries

These rosaries are designed for a married couple to pray side by side.  A Couple’s Rosary has two groups of five decades that unite together in a single centerpiece.  Black and white glass beads are used to represent the couple. …

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